The first store was opened in Perth Western Australia in 2002.

About Us

The idea came from growing up in England and having fond childhood memories of going on a Friday night armed with pocket money to the local sweet shop. Big decisions had to be made what to but eventually choosing after looking at all of the jars full of sweets on the shelves, not an easy decision, what would it be tonight a quarter of pear drops or a quarter of chewing nuts.
We have tried to recreate that in The British Lolly Shops, we import over 400 different types of British sweets displaying them in jars on the shelves. The atmosphere of the shop is very light and cheerful encouraging our customers to have a free sample of their old favourite or maybe try a new one.
At our customers request we expanded our business opening the next shop in Darling Harbour in Sydney,  also the Hunter Valley.
I hope you come to visit our friendly stores and sample 'All Your Old Favourites' maybe you can create some new ones.